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CCL as leading self-checkout provider worldwide, always focuses on the application and research of self-checkout solutions in the retail transaction from SCO to POS. Various forms of self-checkout solutions are available to create complex cash register channels for superstores and enhance consumers' shopping experience.


Smart POS



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Application Cases

Aeon · Hong Kong

Carrefour · Taiwan

Vanguard · Shenzhen

Z2 Provides more possibilities for Stores

The modular design of Z2, standard host + peripherals + bracket, can meet the functional requirements of a variety of business scenarios. The family-oriented design language makes the functions of each settlement channel different but unified.

Restructures the cash register space

S1 makes the most efficient use of the checkout counter through geometric form, with only one arm occupying the space itself. Flexible to define different functional forms, manual and self-service.


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